Brighton Lush Lock In

I love Lush, especially around the Christmas season, and on Friday, Lyndsay of Fizzypeaches organised an event at the Brighton lush store where we could browse the Christmas collection, learn about a few Lush bits and bobs, and to make our own Comforter bubble bar!

We started off by throwing a shower jelly at each other to get into groups, a technique used at Lush parties – they sound very fun! We then rotated around the store in three groups with Magz, Hills and Emily. First up my group looked at the Lush perfumes with Hills. I didn’t really know much about their perfumes, but they’re all really interesting and smell different on everyone’s skin, isn’t that what everyone wants, a signature smell? Some were very nice and some were  interesting! 

We then moved onto making our own Lush Comforter Bubble Bar which was really lovely, and smells divine, although it doesn’t look like the Lush ones do – I don’t think I will be getting hired in the Lush factories anytime soon! Last up we moved onto the massage section and we all learnt about the lovely Lush massage bars and gave each other lovely hand and arm massages, I learnt I am very bad at this and poor Islay was my victim. Sorry!

To finish off the evening, we all perused the store and we were also able to make a few purchases if we wanted to. I managed to control myself, because I knew that if I bought anything I would probably just end up buying the whole shop!

I had a lovely evening, thanks to Lyndsay for organising and for the Lush Brighton store for having us!

Do you love Lush at Christmas? What are your favourite Lush products?




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