Blog New Years Resolutions 2014

The New Year is fastly approaching, and with that comes New Years Resolutions and crazy New Years Eve plans and with only 9.6% of 1000 people surveyed in a recent Ladbrokes Bingo survey admitting to actually keeping New Years Resolutions for 12 months or more, I do often wonder why we all set ourselves totally unrealistic New Year’s resolutions that just lead to disappointment and feeling rubbish! I didn’t really achieve many of my 2013 blog resolutions so this year I’m going to be a little more realistic and less serious about them, it’s not the end of the world if they aren’t achieved!


So my blog goals and resolutions for the next year are:

– Invest in a Canon 600D and take clear, nice photos.

– Use interesting backgrounds for my blog photos, not the same old bedsheets!

– Get back into Youtube!

– Start vlogging.

– Not get so annoyed at myself if I don’t manage to blog every other day!

– Hit 1,000 followers on my blog and Twitter!

– Try to write more lifestyle/travel/baking posts!

Just a few little goals that I’ve set for myself and Sophie Rose Hearts for 2014! What bloggy or personal goals have you set yourself for 2014?




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