A Few Of My Favourite Things in November

Lately I’ve been loving a whole load of things, both beauty and random bits, so I thought I would share a few favourites of the moment, a sort of mid-month favourites, because I can never commit and stick to those oops!

Haribo Rhubarb and Custard Splats – Lately I’ve been spending time in the library tackling the mountain of work that I have, and whenever I’m revising or in the library I seem to tell myself it is acceptable to eat bad food. I found these Rhubarb and Custard Haribo Splats in our Co-Op and although they do not sound nice, they’ve quickly grown on me, and are so yummy and the bag is a good size and they are SO TASTY.

Primark Burgundy Bow Headband – Brighton is currently very, very cold and windy and when I’m walking to and from uni my head and ears can get a little chilly, especially if its about 8:30am! This really cute knitted burgundy headband was only £1.50 from Primark and it comes in a range of other colours. It also had three diamante gems on the bow, but I didn’t like them, so just picked them off, perfect!

REN Vita Mineral Emollient Rescue Cream – A full review of this should be up very soon, but in this cold weather, my nose and around my nose get very dry and this cream has been a perfect pick me up moisturiser for waving bye bye to dry patches and perking up my skin.

Revlon Lipgloss in 235 Pink Pop – I won this lipgloss in a Twitter competition and it is stunning, super glossy and the perfect pink to accompany some of my favourite pink lipsticks and tints.

Bodyshop Born Lippy Strawberry Lipbalm – My lips suffer a lot in the winter and in the latest Glamour magazine there was a Body Shop Joy card with either £3, £15 or £100 on it. I had the usual £3 one, and managed to pick up this lip balm, one of my favourites, for £3. Thanks Glamour for the free lip balm!

Photo Album – I’m one of those people that loves to flick through photo albums and to reminsce about the good times. However because of Facebook and other social networking sites, most photos are online. However when I visit my grandma etc, I like to show her what I’ve been up to and a photo album is perfect for that. recently on photobox there was an offer for a free 102 credits when you signed up with them – amazing!!! 

Travel Diary – When I travel I love to plan and prep to my hearts content and I seem to have an abundance of travel type things. I’m off to Paris in 4 weeks with the girls, so of course the travel diary has been reunited with me, and I have been researching all sorts of Parisian fun for us to get up to!

What have you been loving lately, both beauty and other bits?




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