Cruise Diaries Part 4: Our Last Family Holiday

I had meant to post this post a while back with my other cruise related post’s but somehow it got pushed back and forgotten, ooppps. However, here it finally is. Prepare for a photo heavy post!

I thought I would do one extra post in this mini series I’ve started, with some photos from the formal nights and other lovely photos that weren’t related to the other posts! This holiday was our last holiday as a family of 5 as Ellie and myself will most likely be off travelling with friends and doing other things next summer instead.  We’ve only been on one other cruise, a Grand Princess cruise with 3,000 people and decided we should go on another. 

We chose a P&O cruise this time, and the Oceana ship which had 2,000 passengers. Cruise’s are perfect for our family as we get to experience a lot of different cultures and countries, as well as being able to relax and if we want to, spend some time together! It worked out that we’d do our own thing on the sea days, such as sunbathing, reading etc and then spent port days together. We also made sure that we spent every evening meal together, which was lovely.

Formal nights were my favourite! We had four formal nights and these were on sea days, so in effect you had a whole day to get glammed up for the night! It was adorable to see my daddy dressed up in his suit with a bow tie and we got some lovely family photos and photos of just my sisters and I. 

There were also two deck party’s, one was tropical themed and the other was a 60’s/70’s night, which also happened to be my youngest sisters 15th birthday. For her birthday we had dinner outside and I ate the biggest burger I have ever seen. Ever.

I hope you have all enjoyed this mini series! What has been your favourite holiday, or where do you really want to go on holiday?

Sophie xxx