Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me Review

Today I have a review for quite possibly one of THE most hyped/raved about lip products for summer 2013. The Maybelline Baby Lips. I’d forever wanted one of these since they’d been raved about by US bloggers and YouTubers and I was determined to get my hands on one as soon sa they hit the UK. However my local small Boot’s didn’t stock them so I had to wait till a trip to town to get one. I now feel like my review is a little outdated as everyone and their nan has bought the whole collection and reviewed them. But here is mine!

 Essentially the Maybelline Baby Lips are a glorified, colour tinted version of a chapstick or any other lip balm. Available for just £2.99 these moisture rich baby lips lip balm/tints offer intense care, 8 hour hydration, an SPF of 20 as well as cute range of colours/flavours.

 These retail for £2.99 a pop and are currently included in various offers in Superdrug and Boots. What do I think?  Whilst they’re a little greasy and waxy feeling, not like a balm, I can’t help but feel these just cling a little to dry patches and are great for a pop of colour and normal condition lips, but not the moisture solution for dry, chapped lips. However whilst they don’t offer that much moisture in my opinion, I do love the soft, subtle tint and I’ve been reaching for my ‘Cherry Me’ shade a lot more than I thought I would. I can see why these are raved about as a fun summer accessory, but not as a moisturising pick me up, the baby lips are definitely a product I will be reaching for on an average to good lip day and not as much when they’re dry. However I have definitely given into the addictive hype and it’s made me want to collect all 6 with ‘Peach Kiss’ and ‘Mint Fresh’ next up on my list!

Did any of you succumb to the Maybelline Baby Lips hype? What do you think about them?




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