Chobani UK Launch Dinner at Graze Restaurant

Since moving to Brighton last September for university I’ve had so many amazing opportunities thrown my way and through blogging I’ve made some lovely friends in the Brighton blogger girlies! On Thursday 26th I was invited to a Chobani inspired 3-course dinner at the stunning Graze restaurant in Hove! I met up beforehand at a pub a few doors down with some of the other girls, before heading down to Graze.

 Upon arriving at Graze we were all handed a yummy cocktail containing Chobani yoghurt, lemon, vanilla and cranberry (I think- either way it was yummy!). The restaurant itself was really lovely with really sophisticated but awesome details. The staff was extra lovely too and the chef’s were very accommodating towards the weird allergies etc that I have. 

I should probably take a moment to explain that Chobani are a strained yoghurt brand that are currently taking the UK by storm! Chobani is different to regular yoghurt as the straining process used removes liquid whey, resulting in a thicker, creamier and high protein yoghurt. It is also free of ingredients like milk protein concentrate and animal based thickeners. They’re also vegetarian friendly, gluten free, nut and soy allergen free and preservative free. What else could you want from a yoghurt? As well as being the perfect yoghurt, the Chobani ‘Nothing But Good’ philosophy means that they are committed to supporting the community and they gives 10% of annual profits to charities worldwide through the Shepherds Gift Foundation.  So to prove to us why Chobani is so yummy and flexible, we were served a deliscious Chobani inspired three course dinner! 

 After a little chat with some of the girls working with Chobani, some of the restaurant staff and other bloggers we were seated at a long table and it felt like we were at a super fancy and fun dinner party. It was my sort of dinner party too, chatting away all night with fellow bloggers! 

To start we had some bread and Chobani butter and Chobani butter with truffle before getting started on some bloody mary soup, yum! The ever so lovely Fiona (Fifimcgee) had a little woopsy where she ate a whole block of the truffle butter thinking it was a mozzarella canape- it was a very Princes Diaries style moment, but very hilarious! After teasing Fiona we had our starter – a choice of either Szechuan Crusted Tuna or Herb and Potato Dumplings. I opted for the dumplings and they were delicious, I could eat them all day long and the Chobani sauce was delicious! For my main there was a Lamb Rack and Lamb Belly option or a Chobani Onion Tart, being the meat lover I am, I chose the Lamb option and wow. Just wow. It was just how I love lamb and the Chobani barley that came with it was so tasty. For pudding it was between a choice of Treacle Sponge or Chobani Panna Cotta, after much deciding I eventually went for the Treacle Sponge and it did not disappoint.  It came with a chobani sorbet, candy bacon and bacon and vanilla foam– words cannot describe this pudding. The candy bacon was out of this world! Throughout the meal we were also continuously drinking wine and at the end of the delicious meal we were offered tea/coffee and some little petit fours which just topped off the truly amazing dinner.

On the way out we were also given lovely goody bags containing a few vouchers, a really fun apron, a few recipe cards and a pen and a USB complete with the Chobani story and ways to substitute Chobani into regular meals and some great recipes  – such a great idea!

Stolen from the lovely Fiona

I had an amazing dinner with the Brighton girlies and the Chobani girls were so incredibly friendly, we all felt right at home. I had such a perfect evening, thanks so much to Chobani and of course Graze Restaurant. I’m definitely going to be heading back there very soon to try out some of their normal menu! 




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