A few Tips For Freshers – University Adventure

When I started University I posted a mini series consisting of about 6 posts called ‘university adventure‘ ranging from applying to university, getting in, preparing and my first few terms. I thought I’d try and write a helpful-ish post with some tips that I’ve picked up throughout my first year! If you enjoy this and find it useful, please let me know what else you’d like tips on!

1) All things Money
– In my opinion if you’re at university  spending £10 odd on an NUS card isn’t really necessary. Most shops in the area/at home will accept your uni ID card as a form of student discount ID. The only times you’ll need one is for online shopping, which you can always nag off your friend or use Unidays – a great website that gives you student discount equivalent codes off of most online shops!
– Another handy website is Studentbeans. With handy vouchers, deals, freebies and samples, this website also has some cheap, easy recipes and other cheap and easy studenty stuff!

student beans also have regular surveys where you can earn anything from 50p to £5, and when you get to £8 (which I have more than 3 times now, so it isn’t a scam) you can transfer it straight away! Simple! To sign up – click here
– Try and plan your meals out for the week and only buy the necessary things from the supermarket – don’t go shopping when you’re hungry/hungover!

2) Food
– Cooking from scratch and in bulk will be your friend. Think spaghetti bologenaise, cottage pie, stews, anything, and then freeze!
Frozen vegetables and fruit will also become your best friend. Fresh produce can often have such a short shelf life, so bags of frozen broccoli, spinach, chopped onions and berries have become my best friend during the past year!
Tins, tins, tins. Tinned vegetables, fruit, soup will always be handy and have a ridiculous shelf life!
– Youtube videos such as Sorted food have been great for preparing nice substantial meals whilst on a budget as well as also providing some great vegetarian options too.

– Whilst at university, getting your 5 a day in can be a bit of a struggle, so have a vitamin tablet every morning! I have a dissoluble orange vitamin C tablet every morning with breakfast, as well as being great it also makes me drink a large glass of water. I just buy the Tesco own brand ones and they work just fine!

3) Looking after yourself

– Being at uni, away from mum and dad, mixed with a fair amount of alcohol, little sleep, and lectures, its easy to get run down. That and catching freshers flu! So make sure you have a little first aid kit at the ready! I keep all my medically stuff in a cute tin and it contains some:





– Flu and Cold tablets – prepare for freshers flu

– Everyday vitamins- i like the dissoluble type and it makes me drink and extra glass of water
– I would also recommend that if you have a regular prescription to look into getting an NHS prepayment prescription certificate as it could save you a lot of money in the long run, or to stock up lots before you go!

I hope these tips are helpful and if you have any tips for other people, please leave them in the comments! Also, remember to have the best time ever!




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