My First Two MAC Eye Shadow’s : Satin Taupe and Naked Lunch Review

I am now back from my amazing two week cruise around the Med and I really restrained myself. We stopped off in Italy, France, Spain and Gibraltar and in all these destinations I was tempted by the various European skincare and of course Sephora. I managed to not buy ANYTHING in Sephora or in French pharmacies, but whilst in Gibraltar I spotted a MAC stand and thought, why not! I decided to purchase two pro palette refill pans as I want to gradually build up a palette, and they came to £8.70 each, only around £1.30 cheaper than the UK but still a discount! I ummed and ahhed at all the shades and eventually settled on two very wearable shades; Satin Taupe and Naked Lunch. (Just a warning, my camera did not want to co-operate today! Oops)

 I’m not really a MAC girl as most of the time I really can’t afford to spend £13 odd on a lipstick or £10+ on an eyeshadow, but being on holiday and all that, why not eh! MAC eye shadows are always talked about and are so popular so I thought I must definitely be missing something! I was very impressed with the silky formula and found it wore around 5-6 hours without a primer and 10+ with!! I’ve been so impressed with the pigmentation and wear, I literally want a gazillion other shades now too!

Naked Lunch is a shadow shade that has forever been on my wishlists as I always see  and hear about it being raved about, and rightly so! Naked Lunch is a perfect beige sweep all over your lid base kind of colour, with a slightly warm/peachy/pinky tone and a frost finish. It is the perfect shade for a no make-up, make-up, subtle, neutral fresh look.

Top with primer, bottom without primer.

I was drawn to Satin Taupe because under the lights in the shop it changed colours ever so subtley and has beautiful taupe/grey and slightly purple reflects to it, which I think looks so lovely and warm on my eyes. This shade is also a frost finish which is one of my favourite types of shimmer, as the specks are so subtle and pretty.

I’ve been really enjoying pairing these two shades together as the purple reflects in Satin taupe really make my blue eyes look brighter, and Naked Lunch is also really brightening and fresh.

Have any of you got these shades, what do you think? What was your first MAC eye shadow? Also, I’m looking into getting a Z Palette or something similar, if you have any recommendations for sites or palettes, let me know!




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