MAC Girl About Town – Guest Post From KristieBlogsBeauty

Hopefully this has uploaded succesffuly as a scheduled post. If it has, I am currently floating around the sea somewhere in the mediterranean hopefulyl sipping on a cocktail and having a good time! Because I am away for two weeks, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get some guest posts for Sophierosehearts and to introduce you all to other blogs! Today’s guest post if from Kristy from kristieblogsbeauty. So I’ll hand you over to Kristie!

I recently took the plunge and bought a bright lip colour as I constantly seem to live in nudes or pale pinks. At first I was in two minds about whether to go for a bold pink or a classic red. After reading many reviews, I decided to go for Mac’s Girl About Town and I have to say the colour is gorgeous! It appears a lot brighter on the lips than how it actually looks at first glace. It’s also a matte lipstick, I prefer this effect but I find them to be less moisturising than glossy lipsticks so I would definitely recommend applying a good quality lip balm beforehand.

 I found that this lipstick has amazing staying power but for a constant bright colour you would have to keep reapplying to prevent fading. Another thing that it pretty obvious is I had to check my teeth a lot more to see if any lipstick has transferred over, since never braving a bright shade before I never really used to have to think about it. 

My friend gave me a tip that if you make an oval shape with your mouth and pull a finger through it, this usually gets rid of any excess lipstick and helped to avoid this problem. As summer is here, I can certainly see myself reaching for this lipstick more often and maybe even branching out into some more bright lip colours.

Thanks Kristie for a perfect guest post, I really want that lipstick! Make sure to check her out on bloglovin and Twitter as well!




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