Cruise Diaries Part 3: Sardinia, Gibraltar and La Coruna

The final three destinations of our cruise were Sardinia, a gorgeous Italian island, Gibraltar and La Coruna in North West Spain! I’ve already done two other posts in this series, part 1 and part 2 so make sure to check them out as well!

My family and I have a really love for Italy, we love the culture, food, the people and the scenery. We’ve always wanted to visit Sardinia and the day we visited was actually my youngest sister, Izzy’s, 15th birthday! The island was beautiful and we went for a walk around the town, up and down the little streets and found a nice restaurant for a spot of birthday lunch! We also visited a church and went for the usual explore!

On our last cruise we also visited Gibraltar but seeing as it is the perfect place for buying tax and duty free alcohol, jewellery and other products, it is a place that is great to go back to! Last time we went up in a cable car and saw the monkeys, so this time we got off the boat just to shop! The alcohol prices are ridiculous and make-up and perfume prices are also discounted! I managed to pick up two MAC eyeshadow pans for £8.70 each and 1litre of 50.5% Finlandia vodka for just £6.95. Crazy!!! My parents also had a mooch about looking at watches and jewellery and other bits, and we found a sweet little bar down some back roads and had a pint and abused the free wifi! (I didn’t get any photos though, cos it was just shops, sorry!)

The last stop of our cruise was La Coruna, a town in the North West of Spain, which is actually the closest European port to New York! As we got off the boat the weather was similar to England, cold, cloudy and grey! We walked into the town, looked around the old town and main sqaure, after which we decided to trek to the old light house in the pouring, miserable rain! This light house is the oldest light house in Europe so my dad wanted to visit it!

Have any of you been on a cruise before, did you like it and where did you go?

Sophie xx