Cruise Diaries Part 2 : St Raphael and Pisa!

In my cruise diaries part 1 I talked about visiting Cartagena and Barcelona, today’s post is about the beautiful St, Raphael and Pisa/Livorno. (This might be a little photo heavy oops)

St Raphael was a really gorgeous spot in the South of France, which I had actually never been to before, and I definitely want to go back! We got a free shuttle bus to the centre of town, organised by the cruise, and from there we hopped onto the most bizarre little 10 seater electric bus to the old town. We mooched around a bit, sat down and had a cold drink and looked at old walls and all the stuff my dad enjoys! We then got a normal bus back to the town, walked around a bit, and then walked along the sea, looking at shops, back to the boat. We stopped off for a nice cold beer right on the beach as well. The beaches looked lovely too! In this port we had to get a tender, one of the life rafts, to the shore!

Next stop was Livorno/Pisa! I was very excited about this port because of the famous leaning tower of Pisa! We chose a cruise organised excursion which was Pisa by Boat and Trolley, so we got off the boat and onto a coach, which took us down to a river! We then got onto a boat and had a boat ride along the river, looking at all the buildings and finally spotting the tower! After the boat ride we got on a little train thing, sort of like what you find at theme parks! This then took us to the tower!!! We only had 1 hour to look at the tower and the baptistry and church and everything, which wasn’t really long enough, but we managed! Ellie (my sister) and I even managed to haggle two pairs of sunglasses down from 40euros to 10euros! It was really amazing to see the leaning tower, sadly I didn’t get any of the classic, pushing over the tower type photos! We also had to wear these funny poncho/hospital gown things in the church too.

Hope you all enjoyed this, in my next cruise post I’ll be talking about Sardinia, Gibraltar and La Coruna!

Have any of you been on a cruise before, did you like it and where did you go?

Sophie xx