See You In Two Weeks

Tomorrow I am off on what I believe will be my last family holiday! I’m going on a beautiful 2 week Mediterranean cruise with my parents and 2 younger sisters and to say I am excited is an understatement. We went on a 2 week med cruise a couple of years back and had a great time. I cannot wait to get on board that ship and get my hands on a juicy cocktail!

I love cruises as you just walk onto the ship and you’re on holiday! No checking in bags, waiting around for flights, delays and travelling. You’re there! I adore travelling and seeing different places, so cruises are perfect for me! 

On this cruise our destinations are Cartagena and Barcelona in Spain, St Raphael in France, Florence/Pisa in Italy, Alghero in Sardinia, Gibraltar and I think there might be another stop but I can’t remember! I’ve been to Barcelona and Gibraltar ont he last cruise, but in Barcelona there is SO much more to see and in Gibraltar I can’t wait to abuse the tax free shopping!

I have scheduled a few posts over the next 2 weeks, so fingers crossed they all upload successfully. I’m going to try and access my Twitter/E-mail a couple of times over the two weeks, so if you need to e-mail me or anything, I am still available!

See you in a couple of weeks!

Are any of you going away anywhere nice, any reccomendations on any beauty products I can pick up in these locations?




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