One Whole Year of Sophie Rose Hearts – My Blogging Birthday (A Day Early)

Tomorrow marks my 1 year blogging birthday so I thought I would do a little post! On the 19th of July 2012 I thought ‘what the heck’ and started up a beauty blog. I’d been blogging about my daily life and whatnot for a good 3-4 years (that blog is now private) and I was really getting into the beauty side of YouTube, and many of my favouite YouTuber’s had amazing blogs, which then inspired me to start up my own!

I just started it for the fun and personal enjoyment, and to see where it is today, a year on, really does make me proud. Some of my friends tease me about my blog and ‘blogger friends’, but recently when I was writing a ‘good things about my life right now’ list, my blog came pretty much at the top. It’s led me to meet the most amazing people, in real life and online, and to have and experience the most amazing opportunities such as fabulous events and days out. I was recently out with some of my girl friends, having lunch at our favourite cafe and they said how proud they were of me. And this really made me happy that even my friends had noticed my hard work.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to explain why my blog etc is called Sophierosehearts, it’s not because I just randomly used the word hearts. My name is Sophie and my middle name is Rose. When I created my blog I came up with that idea that when I reviewed products I would rate them out of ‘hearts’ and then have a Sophie Rose Hearts leaderboard….it never happened but sophierosehearts did.

And although it’s not all about the numbers, seeing a new follower pop up, or my pageviews zip up, really does make my day.  And in a year I have achieved 707 GFC followers, over 92,000 pageviews and I even have just ventured into the magical world of YouTube!

So, I just wanted to say a little thank you to everyone who reads my blog and hopefully this time next year I’ll have more achievements to report back on!




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