Marie Claire Freebie August 2013 Freebie : Eyeko Skinny Mini Liquid Eyeliner

I was in my local shop the other day posting off some eBay bits and bobs and I noticed Marie Claire on offer for £2.50 instead of the usual £3.80 as well as coming with an amazing freebie. A 1.2g Eyeko Skinny Mini Liquid Eyeliner in Black. I’m an eyeliner junkie and this seemed right up my alley as my much loved and repurchased Collection Extreme 24hour felt liner had just died and this seemed like a good opportunity to try a new one!

This Eyeko liner feels very expensive and sleek and the nib is amazing. Beautifully thin and simple to use and the colour is a very black, black. Definitely a perfect eyeliner for just simple liner days or perfectly sharp cat eyes and flicks. 

As for staying power, I wore this the other night on a very hectic 5-6 hour shift at the pub when it was sweltering hot and it stayed. No transferring or smudging and the flick/ cat eye I had drawn stayed perfectly put! I also tried this out during a whole 10 hour period and again it stayed put all day, even in this boiling and slightly humid weather!

Overall I am so glad I picked up this magazine and freebie and I actually picked up another  £2.50 magazine to stock up on this incredible eyeliner!!

Did any of you pick up this freebie, have you tried anything from Eyeko before? Whats been the best magazine freebie you’ve found?



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