Fun Filled Summer Afternoons : Fruit Picking

Now that I am at university the summer holidays has grown from 9 weeks to nearly 4 months of freedom. Whilst I have got a summer job, I also like to think of fun things to do to fill my summer days, create some fun memories and to do bits and bobs.

One thing I love to do in the summer is visit our local pick your own farm and pick some strawberries and raspberries. It’s fun, fairly inexpensive, supports your local farm, as well as filling an afternoon. It’s also nice to have a look around the farm shop where they sell freshly picked veg and fruit, and homemade jams and drinks etc.

The other afternoon, myself, my mum and my youngest sister, Izzy went to our local pyo farm and went on a raspberry picking mission so my mum could make her amazing and extra yummy homemade raspberry jam!

 Do any of you like to visit local pick your own farms?  What do you like to do to fill your summer afternoons?




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