Summer Clothes Shopping Haul

Whenever summer starts to roll around I get super excited about buying cute dresses, accesories and holiday clothes! This year I am (probably) off on my last family summer holiday and we’re going on our 2nd cruise. The last one we went on in 2011 was incredible and I am really really looking forward to going on this years! A cruise provides the perfect opportunity to dress up in the evenings, with 4 or so formal nights and then standard nights. Again, this just is the perfect time to go out and get some gorgeous dresses! I thought I’d share some bits and bobs I’ve picked up recently for summer !

Normally for me, If I go out looking for a dress for a specific occasion I find absolutely nothing, but then whilst I am out just browsing I tend to find everything! Luckily this has been the case for me lately and I’ve managed to find two gorgeous dresses in the Topshop sale for crazy bargain prices. First I bought this Black Cut Out Back Self Stripe Flippy Dress (link) from Topshop for just £10 in the sale (£9 with discount) down from £29 and it is still available in tonnes of sizes, so check it out. This dress is really flattering and not too sheer, the top part looks perfect with a simple black bra underneath. The cut out part at the back is super cute too, although I think I might need to pop a simple stitch in just so it covers the back of my bra.

Secondly, I found this INCREDIBLE neon/bright coral/orange bandage V skater dress(linkin the Topshop sale for just £25 down from £48, and then £22.50 with discount (although for some reason it is showing up as £30 online). Such a steal. This dress is such a flattering dress as it is nice and tight on the top, with a suitable amount of cleavage, with a nice flowy bottom part. I can’t wait to wear this on holiday!! This colour dress would normally never be an option for me, but it works and I adore it! 

I’ve been going a bit bikini crazy lately! I first spotted this pretty magenta and white polka dot bikini in Sainsburies whilst doing a food shop, is it just me, or do sainsburies and Tesco do some really decent swim wear stuff? and the top was £8 and the bottoms £5, perfect! I’m not a fan of the purple strap, but luckily it is detachable!

Whilst I was in M&S with my mum I had a peep at their swimwear, and most pieces are quite on the pricey side but I found two perfect bikini tops in the reduced section. What I really like is that M&S do bikini tops by cup sizes, which is PERFECT for me. I found this gorgeous floral print top down from £17.50 to £6 and this black ruched bikini top (link) down from £25 to £16. I plan to buy some bog standard fairly cheap, plain black bottoms to go with these, perfect!

Lastly some accessories. I’m a sucker at the moment for big statement necklaces, and whilst looking in the sale part of the Dorothy Perkins jewellery section, I spotted these two gems for just £7 each. With student discount I ended up paying just £11.90 for these 2 incredible necklaces which were originally £15 and £14 !! I cant wait to pair the silvery one with the black topshop dress I bought!

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the bits I’ve picked up for my holiday! Have you bought anything nice and summery lately?



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