My Internet Lovers

During my first year of blogging (eek, so nearly a whole year!)  I’ve had so many lovely opportunities to talk to some amazing blogging ladies online! As well as chatting to some online I’ve also struck up some equally lovely friendships with some blogging ladies in realreal life too and I thought I should share with you my internet lovers (both online and in real life)!

First up we have Hannah from Student Life: The Diary of a Poor Girl, my sausaliscious little sausage! A feisty young lady who isn’t afraid to share her many adventures on the internet. Very brave. I laugh at almost everything she writes and if you don’t there must be something seriously wrong with you! We’re now even friends on Facebook, and talk in REAL life outside the Twitter world. It can’t really get much better than that!

Next, we have Adele of One Girls Obsession With Makeup, who I first met at the Benefit Fake Up event and then at a few other things, and then also slept over after the brighton blogger meet. We chat lots and I love how bubbly she is, so make sure to check out her blog and twitter too!

Last but least is the lovely and slightly mental (in a good way) Laura from Lola and Behold who I first met at the Milla Grace opening evening event, and then at a few other events, and then in April when she organised the amazing Brighton Blogger Meet Up, we even had a sleep over! We’ve had a few drunken evenings and some laughs, and we even have a little whatsapp group with myself, Laura and Adele which has been pretty fun, and recently we had a little date in London which was super lovely and I had so so SO much fun!

I love these three ladies, and without the world of blogging, we would never have met and I would be very sad indeed! So I just wanted to say thanks and that you should all make sure to check them out, they’re amazing! I just wanted to say, I love all of you, my readers and followers on Twitter, I feel like I’ve gotten to know some of you very well, and I love blogging, yay!

Have any of you made some lovely friends through the world of blogging, who’s your favourite?



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