May Empties

I started to get into the swing of blogging again, but I had my first exam yesterday, with another exam on Monday and Friday! But then it’s my birthday on the 8th and summer really begins! Today I thought I would write a May empties post, although I know it is now the 1st of June (and a week till my birthday, yay!), but I thought I would share with you all the products I finished up in May. I’m pretty rubbish at finishing up products and make-up, everything seems to last forever, and when I do finish things, I normally forget to write empties posts so here goes!

Johnson’s Face Care Daily Essentials Face Wipes for all skin types
I love these wipes, and this is probably my 10th packet of these. They work perfectly on my skin without drying my skin out or causing break outs, and I feel like after a lazy night out or something these successfully take off all my make-up! I normally buy these when they’re on offer too!
Amie Spring Clean Cooling Clay Mask
I used this face mask recently on a pamper night (post here), and I loved it. From this sachet, which I got in my Brighton blogger meet goodie bag, i managed to get about 3 generous uses, which is pretty good! I have tried another Amie mask in the past, and so far I have liked both!
Green People Hydrating, Firming Serum
I used this a few nights before bed, and really enjoyed trying out a natural product by Green People. The smell was a bit too natural for me, if that even makes sense! But I enjoyed using this sachet up and it lasted a good 5 days.
Jamela 24K Gold Under Eye Masks
Another great product included in the Brighton blogger meet up goodie bag which I really enjoyed trying! I forgot to include these in the photograph but I did a recent post on them (here) and I really enjoyed these. Definitely looking into investing in some of these, as whilst originally they sound pricey, they work at around £2 a pair when you buy them in a pack of 16.

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish

This is my favourite night time cleanser, and i adore the cleanse and polish! My mum first introduced this to me during my spotty phase and it helped then and it still works wonders now and keeping my skin under control and effectively removing all my make-up. I brought this tube with me to uni when I started and I just finished it up last week, so it lasted me from September-June! I also like to cut the tube down towards the end to get every last scrap out!

Purely Natural Oily Skin Toner

I really enjoyed using this natural toner for oily skin (post here), and loved using it after a face mask as it really refreshed my skin. However as it was a fresh product it had a use by date of May, so whilst i didn’t completely finish it, I had to chuck it out although I did get a few months use out if it and it was enjoyable. 

Olay Beauty Fluid

This is my holy grail daytime moisturiser, and I will forever repurchase this. It does everything you would want from a daytime moisturiser, and it works beautifully under make-up to keep your skin in lovely condition. This bottle has lasted me from September-June and I have used this pretty much every day!

Effervescent Vitamin C Lemon and Lime Flavour
 Last, but not least, not necessarily a beauty, skincare or make-up product, but I finished a tube of my Effervescent Vitamin C lemon and lime flavour tablets.  I think these have been a saviour at uni, as well as making sure I get some of my vitamins, they also make me drink a large glass of water. I have one of these every morning (or the orange flavour) dissolved in a glass of water with my breakfast!

Have any of you finished up any products lately?



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