How I keep Organised

Although my mum probably won’t agree, I am actually a very organised person. I absolutely hate being late and would rather be 30 minutes early that unorganised and late. One way that I like to stay organised is through writing everything down and writing lists. My room is normally full of sticky notes covered in lists, and i write lots of lists in my various notebooks I keep and my diary. Today I thought I would share how I like to keep organised! I find the prettier the notebook and the pattern, the more keen I am to make sure I jot everything I need to, down!

 I like to keep an academic year diary; running from sort of May-August as then when I write down important deadlines and exams, they don’t get lost when the calendar year changes. I like to keep a small diary in my bag, and I picked up this boring, not very pretty one, from paperchase in the sale for around £4. Next, I like to keep pretty notebooks for further lists. My little floral notebook contains lists such as blog posts to write, photos to take, beauty products I want, books I want to read, films I want to see. As well as cakes I want to bake and things I want to buy on payday.

My other main notebook I like to keep organised with is my ‘travels’ notebook. I saw this one day when I was out with my mum and she bought it for me for my birthday, thanks! I LOVE maps/globes and of course I do geography! I also want to travel the world and I love to plan adventures. This notebook is perfect for writing down where I want to go and tips from others. I also plan to keep a diary when I go travelling (hopefully next summer) and this summer with my family, and this notebook is perfect for that.

Lastly, for me, the perfect accessories to keep extra organised are a pencil and some sticky notes. Personally I prefer mechanical pencils and as you don’t have to fiddle about with sharpeners and they’re small and perfect for travelling around with. I prefer pencils to pens as it’s easier to rub things out and I find my writing looks neater in pencil…Sticky notes are also super handy as you can add in extra notes to lists/your diary and I stick these inside my purse with information etc.

I hope this has been interesting! How do you keep organised?



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