More Dainty Doll Bargains!

Over  Easter I noticed some Dainty Doll products down to bargain prices, so I made a little order on Fragrance Direct (post here). I was on the site the other day and noticed some of the Dainty Doll blusher’s down  from the original price of £13.50 to £1.99 and I just had to! It was a semi-lucky dip as it was hard to tell what exactly the shades were like online, but I just thought oh well! I bought the shades 001 Hippy Shake, 002 My Girl, 003 Money Talks and 004 You Are My Sunshine.

001 Hippy Shake is a very pale pink, which is basically lilac. (Sadly it was very hard to photograph, so in the photo it appears more of a white shade). This is a very pale blush,  and whilst I am fair, I think it will be more suited to slightly fairer skin tones as it only  just shows up on my skin. I did find it works nicely as a highlighter, as on my skin it has a slightly pearlescent finish which is really pretty.

002 My Girl is a gorgeous soft baby pink that is still quite vibrant and looks gorgeous on. Again, the photo doesn’t do it justice, (the swatch however is more of the true colour). This colour is so easy to just pop on and adds a lovely healthy glow, as it has teeny tiny flecks of shimmer.

001 Hippy Shake and 002 My Girl 

003 Money Talks is a very unusual shade, as it is more of an ashy, taupey, mauvey, sort of dusky pink shade (wow, GREAT description there…) and leans more towards the bronzer/contour side of things instead of being a blush. I’ve been playing around with this, and on my fairly pale complexion I find it works really well as a contour as it is that sort of ashy shade, and does not appear muddy. It also works beautifully as a blush!

004 You Are My Sunshine is stunning! A gorgeous peachy, coral with flecks of gold running through it. As soon as i saw this I immediately thought of my Sleek Rose Gold Blush, which is also said to be a dupe of the Nars Orgasm blush, so maybe this one can be too, and for £1.99, it’s perfect! I really love this shade, and compared to the Sleek Rose Gold blush, I would say the Dainty Doll shade has more of a pink undertone and is still gorgeous but a little more subtle. Whereas the Sleek one appears more goldy/orange. 

003 Money Talks and 004 You Are My Sunshine

003 Money Talks

004 You Are My Sunshine

003 Money Talks and 004 You Are My Sunshine

Sleek Rose Gold on the left and 004 You Are My Sunshine on the right. 

Overall i found a little went a long way, and when being applied, just a dab with your brush will get the perfect amount of product as the product is very soft! (Swirling the brush in the blush just got messy!) I really like the Dainty Doll line, as sometimes us fair ladies find it hard to find products that suit our skin tone. I’m not sure if it has been discontinued  seeing as a lot of the products are down to low prices on  various sites, such as Amazon and Fragrance Direct. It’ll be a shame if it has! I also really love the sleek, matte, packaging of these blushers, they easily fit into my makeup bag and have a large mirror inside, which is always handy!



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