London Burlesque Festival

I’m increasingly trying to share more snippets of my life outside the world of beauty and fashion, so today I have another lifestyle related post for you. Myself and my sixth-form group of friends are into a wide range of things, and one of our interests is burlesque and the general era around then. So when over Christmas one of my friends noticed the London Burlesque Festival was happening in May, we were all on board! We bought our tickets back in January when they were 50% off in the pre-sale, so we managed to each nab a ticket for around £10, amazing! It was really lovely to have something to look forward to, and buying the tickets far in advance really spread the cost out of the trip!

The day, finally arrived, and we all headed to London from our various locations (oh uni fun) and met up late afternoon! We had a little stroll around Embankment before heading to a supermarket to buy some dinner and drinks for before we went out. We managed to polish off 3 pizzas, and nearly 2 litres of vodka between 5 of us. Yummy! We then got all glammed up and headed off out!

(sorry for the poor photo! The amazing MC with the most incredible sparkly red lipgloss!!)

The show we were going to was held at Madame Jojo’s in Soho and it was a super fun location! The show we were seeing was called ‘Hollywood Revue’ focusing on everything burlesque and Hollywood. The show was amazing and I loved every second! Afterwards we purchased some amazing posters and we headed off to some bars and had a great night! Luckily one of my best friends lives in London, so we all stayed at hers and it was super fun!

It was a really lovely day/night and seeing the girls was so lovely, as I didn’t really see much of them over Easter due to me being ill and our Easter breaks not really overlapping!

Let me know if you enjoyed this style of post, and have you done anything fun and different lately?




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