Jamela 24K Gold Under Eye Masks Review

At the recent (sort of…) Brighton blogger meet up we were given a fantastic goody bag organised by Laura and included were some Jamela 24K Gold Under Eye Masks*. I’d seen some reviews of these on other blogs as I believe they featured in a beauty box or two, and read some lovely things about them. On my recent pampering night in (post here) I decided to whip these out and give them a try! These under eye masks are part of the Jamela 24k Gold Collagen range and there are similar products for the whole face, boobs and neck.

After I cut open the packet I was a little apprehensive as some liquid leaked out and the under eye masks felt slimey, and well a little like slugs to be quite honest! I also wasn’t terribly sure how these would stick under my eyes.

These under eye masks contain a combination of Gold, Hyaluronic Acid, Plant Collagen and Vitamin E to stimulate collagen production, plump out fine lines, reduce puffiness and the appearance of dark circles. It is advised to leave these on for around 30 minutes, and once applied I found these stayed put for the full 30 minutes, impressive! After peeling them off  after just one use of these under eye masks I noticed that there was a certain plumpness and firmness to my under eye area and puffiness was certainly reduced and my under eye area looked considerably brighter. Amazing! 

As always, enjoy a lovely unattractive photo of me! (also I positioned these a little too far over towards my nose, oh well!)

Overall I really enjoyed trying these out and I would love to incorporate these under eye masks into part of a weekly routine, however the price is £32.50 for a pack of 16, which is around £2 a pair which is okay, but not a necessity for a student like me sadly. However maybe I might treat myself in a week or two as a birthday treat! These look like they would be a perfect solution for after a night out, or if you’ve been up all night.



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