Lush Bubblegum lip scrub

I hope you all had a lovely Easter! I definitely did, and ate way too much chocolate. I even had chocolate for breakfast two days in a row. Oops! 

When I went to The Lanes Health and Beauty Bloggers Beauty Masterclass event (post here) I agreed to meet Adele outside Lush. I should have known this was a bad idea. It started to rain and it was freezing, so of course I just had to pop into Lush for shelter. That and the fact it smelt smelt amazing as always. But I should have known I would be tempted to buy something…

I was just perusing the store and sniffing everything, and I noticed their lip scrubs. I’ve been suffering from quite rubbish lips lately, so I knew I had to try one! I picked up the bubblegum lip scrub aas it was bright pink and smelt yummy! I was really excited to try it, as lately i’ve been more into wearing brighter lipsticks, and I get a bit nervous/self-conscious about wearing them if my lips aren’t in tip-top condition.

The scrub contains castor sugar,organic jojoba oil and I find it really is amazing at clearing dead skin and flakiness from the lips and leaving them in a smooth and moisturised condition.

This scrub retails for £5.25 for 25g and is such a perfect product!

Have any of you tried this lip scrub, do you make your own or use any others?

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