The Lanes Health and Beauty Bloggers Masterclass

Last Thursday I was lucky to be invited to the The Lanes Health and Beauty salon in Brighton. The salon is situated on Market Street, near Donatello’s, Monsoon and Lush in a gorgeous listed building that used to be a a fishermans house. It was lovely to meet up with some of the Brighton Blogger girlies and Julie, who owns the salon was so lovely and welcoming.  Julie definitely knows what she is doing and regularly contributes to Look magazine, so I felt like I was in good hands, and had a great evening. (Just a warning again, i had my rubbish iPhone 3Gs camera, so photo’s i took aren’t amazing, sorry!)

The ladies who work there are very knowledgeable and the extensive list of treatments are very impressive. There are 3 floors to the The Lanes Health and Beauty. The bottom floor has a buzz to it, and you can get your nails done down there and there is a HD Brow Bar. Upstairs on the other two floors are four treatment rooms, with each room being named after amazing Hollywood actresses, such as Marilyn Monroe. The atmosphere upstairs is much more tranquil, and one room even has an amazing bath! I can imagine unwinding up there and getting a massage would be bliss!

Myself and Laura (photo from Adele)

The evening was focused on a beauty blogger masterclass focusing on nails and lashes! I learnt so much about nails, and i had my nails done properly for the first time ever! I learnt about how different colour polishes suit skintones as do nail shapes. I also learnt how you shouldn’t paint your nails after a long soak in the bath, or a shower, as during this process the nails expand, and after a bath etc they shrink back, which can cause chipping as well as how to achieve the perfect shape. With regard to the painting of the nail, I learnt to paint the tip too and to always, always, use a base coat and a top coat. When I got my nails done, they used a Seche Vite polish for the base coat and top coat and then a gorgeous hot pink/raspberry Essie polish. The salon had a massive Essie collection, I was very jealous!

We also learnt how to perfectly apply fake lashes, which, lets be honest, most of us need a little bit of help with! It was handy to learn to roll the lashes off their packaging and to apply the glue to the underside of the strip. Why had I never thought of this? I normally use black lash glue because it is latex free ( yay latex allergy), but using a black lash glue really makes your lashes look more full from the base and blends in so easily with eyeliner!

WThe prices of the salon are very reasonable too and I will definitely be popping back soon to get my nails done, possibly a St Tropez tan and hopefully HD Brows!

It was lovely to meet some Brighton girls that i hadn’t met before (Lisa and Suzie) and hopefully we will all meet up again soon. Thanks Julie for a fab evening, and Lisa for inviting me/ organising the event! Make sure you check out The Lanes Health and Beauty Blog too!

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