That Time of The Month: My School Days Were My Best Days #1

I’ve decided to start a monthly series called ‘That Time of The Month’, where i’m going to choose a topic with more of a personal side, and then talk about them, and then in the comments you can share your experiences/stories. I’m looking to write posts about body confidence, heartbreak, growing up and lots of other things including my school days; which is where i’m going to start today.

I recently decided to scan and upload some old photo’s of me and my friends to Facebook which led me to start thinking and reminiscing about school. 

My primary school days were okay, i got bullied for a few years which resulted in me moving to a different school for my last 1 and a half years of primary school. After this i went to an all-girls secondary school, and those 5 years i spent there were the best 5 years of my life so far, and i really have to thank my parents for that and for choosing such a great secondary school. (just as a note, i don’t want to mention any specific school names). I was very privileged and went to a lovely secondary school, which allowed us girls to grow up when we were ready, and none of us were forced to grow up fast. I think going to a girls school sort of contributed to this; but then again the bad thing about being ‘deprived’ of males from ages 11-16 led to some girls going  a bit crazy when they did eventually come into contact with them.

It also led me to think how much has changed for our generation in a relatively short space of time, below is the photo i am referencing.  Year 8’s just don’t look like this anymore. It might be because of current trends, but i don’t see a scrap of make-up on any of our faces, and i’m glad we don’t. We were young, with plenty of years ahead to experiment with short skirts, make-up, alcohol and boys. After all you can’t regain your childhood and they are the few years of your life where you can be completely carefree. I know everyone has a different situation, but i am glad i was lucky and i had nothing to worry about.

L-R: Me, Becky, Gemma, Georgey and Alex

What i find even more lovely about this photo is the fact that i am still best friends with two of the girls in the photo and one of them i’d say i speak to every other day- and all of them are friends for life. 

I can’t think of many year 7/8’s that would say these days that in their mornings before assembly they would slide around on top of the desks being penguins and singing songs about cats and llamas. Who else misses blue eyeshadow, clear lipgloss, crimped hair and glitter hairspray?

I know a lot of people didn’t have such great school years, but mine were definitely great and i have some very fond memories of my secondary school years!

Do you have any lovely school memories, what do you think about younger girls today?

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