Revlon Colorstay Foundation : Review

I’ve been looking for a heavy duty, full coverage foundation for a while. With the Estee Lauder Doublewear Maximum Cover top of the list, i couldn’t afford to fork out the £27.50 price tag. So i headed to Twitter, and most of you suggested the Revlon Colorstay foundation.

This foundation is catered towards two different skin types, either oily/combination or normal/dry. I thought this was very impressive for a drugstore/high-street foundation and i opted for the oily/combination version. As always, i had difficulties deciding which shade to go for, and in the end i opted for 220 Natural Beige, which is a tad too dark for me, but i find i want more colour for a night out and so this is perfect for me! I don’t wear this foundation during the day unless i am having a bad skin day as it is very full coverage. But i find on a night out this lasts all night and it helps keep shine at bay. On days where i do wear this during the day, i found it easy to blend out to look natural. I find if i use my real technique’s stippling brush it looks more natural and provides a more medium coverage, whereas applied with my real techniques buffing brush, a more full, airbrushed coverage is provided. 

This foundation claims to stay put for 24hours, which is a claim that always mystifies me, who actually wants their foundation to last 24hours? Nice to know i guess. Anyway, it claims to be long-lasting providing a flawless look and a lightweight feel. I agree that this does provide a flawless look, but i have to semi-agree with the lightweight feel. It doesn’t feel cakey and heavy, however it doesn’t feel light as air. But it sits in the middle, and is still very comfortable and easy to wear. This foundation also contains SPF 6, which is handy.

I really like the heavy, glass bottle, and the packaging is simple but still looks fairly expensive. My only gripe is the lack of pump as it easy to pour out too much and it makes the process a little messy and wasting product is easy too.

Overall i love this foundation for bad skin days and a night out, but for an everyday foundation for uni, this doesn’t fit the bill, but that wasn’t what i was looking for. I love this foundation for full coverage and my only niggle is the fact it doesn’t have a pump. 

This foundation retails for £12.49 for 30ml, however i picked this up when i had a £3 off Revlon voucher and used my student discount in Superdrug!

Have any of you tried this? What is your favourite medium-full coverage foundation? 



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