A Day at The Ballet, GBK and Fego’s Brunch!

Since i’ve been home i’ve been so busy and it’s been perfect! I got home from uni Friday afternoon and in the evening i saw my friends and we had a natter and catch up! Yesterday, my dad, Izzy (my youngest sister) and I headed off to the ballet in London! We saw a ballet of Aladdin, performed by the Birmingham Royal Ballet at the Coliseum Theatre, near Charing Cross/Covent Garden! It was pretty pants weather, freezing cold and snowing (?!!), so we didn’t hang around the shops/market for too long, but Covent Garden is so lovely and i will be heading back there asap for some shopping! My sister thought Covent Garden was called Convent Garden, so asked where the nuns were….. you’d never think she was nearly 15! There were loads of cute Lindt bunnies everywhere and even a giant one!

A photo of Lindt Bunnies at Covent Garden

The ballet itself was amazing, really beautiful and it made me wish I was a lovely ballerina! We had ice-cream in the interval and it was really lovely! My dad always moans that us Blumenthal girls aren’t ‘cultured’ enough, so this was his attempt at just that. The theatre was really beautiful and amazing too!

A photo of the Coliseum Theatre in London

A photo of the Coliseum Theatre in London

A photo of the Coliseum Theatre in London

After the ballet we were pretty hungry and it was around 5ish so we headed to the pub for a quick drink and found somewhere to eat! We didn’t really think about the fact that it would be around 5:30pm on a Saturday in London when we’d want dinner, so forgot to book, oops! We tried Wahaca, but the wait was around 35-40 minutes, so we then found the Gourmet Burger Kitchen and only waited 5 minutes, perfect! I’d never been before, and as a burger/food lover I was in my element. I had the yummiest cheese and bacon burger, it was MASSIVE (check out the photos!), and had some yummy chips. My dad got the sweet potato fries and they were heavenly! We then got home around 8:15pm and watched some inbetweeners, a perfect end to a lovely day!

A photo of a bottle of Pale Ale at the Gourmet Burger Kitchen

A photo of a Cheese and Bacon burger at the Gourmet Burger Kitchen

A photo of a Cheese and Bacon burger at the Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Today, (Sunday), I met my lovely girls and we went to Fego’s for brunch, as it was my good friend, Beki’s birthday the day before. In the end we didn’t get breakfast, because the lunch menu was soo tempting. I ended up getting a bacon, avocado and mozzarella panini and the most delicious Easter egg milkshake. Complete with a crushed creme egg on top and a sprinkling of mini eggs,yum! It was a really lovely place to have a catch up, and we made plans for our exciting inter-railing trip next summer!

A photo of an Easter Egg Milkshake at Fego Cafe

As you can tell, since i’ve been home I have been a bit of foodie. Tbh when am I not? Other exciting news it that today i bought a domain name! I bought the sophierosehearts.co.uk and i am so excited! It was pretty simple to buy and set up (with a bit of help from my dad) and with my recent blog layout update, courtesy of Steph, i am super happy with my blog now!

I hope you’re all having a lovely Easter if you’ve already broken up, and let me know what you’ve been up to!

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