Primark Fake Eyelashes – My Favourite Fake Lashes!

I was in Primark a few weeks back and on a whim in the queue for the till i picked up a pair of their £1 Sultry Lashes, just because they were a pound! Little did i know these were about to become my favourite lashes ever.

The first pair of Primark fake lashes that i tried, were the Sultry Lashes, wispy and beautiful! What i love most about these eyelashes is the thin band that you glue to your real eyelashes. i find it really flexible, easy to work with and that it blends in seamlessly with my real eyelashes. I find i have to cut the lashes down a bit, and do this from the inner corner, but apart from that, these are perfect and a bargain of only £1! I also find i can easily reuse these lashes, which makes them even more amazing!

I popped into Primark again the other day to stock up on some more of these sultry lashes and also decided to try out the Full Look Lashes. These are more of a thick night out lash, which definitely make a statement and do not look real, sometimes a look i like to go for. I haven’t worn these out yet, but i have had a play around with them and i can’t wait to wear them for my next big night out!

All their packs of lashes come with a little tube of glue. I can’t comment on this glue as i have a latex allergy and discovered that most eyelash adhesives contain latex, which is why i used my trusty Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive for these as it is latex free! (If you’re getting irritated eyes when using fake lashes, look at the products in the adhesive, you may have an allergy to latex too!) 

Have any of you tried these fake eyelashes, what are your favourites? 



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