My New Favourite Accessories – Statement Necklaces

I’m starting to get a bit more into fashion, and i’m finding i’m not so afraid of it! I want to start introducing some fashion-ish orientated posts on my blog, so i thought i would ease myself in with a simple accessory post!

I went into New Look recently, and i had a quick peek at their jewellery, and they had some really gorgeous pieces! They had a buy one get one free offer running, so i just had to take advantage. I picked up these two lovely statement necklaces, which aren’t overly out there and aren’t crazy, but are enough of a statement for me. They retailed for £5.99 each, so under the offer came to around £3 each, bargain! Both necklaces feature triangles/spikes, and i love jewellery like this!

 My favourite of the pair is the Gold Arrow Head Spike Necklace which is more of a tarnished bronzey/gold necklace with small gold beads and beads that change from orange/purple.

 The second necklace i bought is the Iridescent Bunting Necklace (I can’t find a link online) which has a row of iridescent bunting with gold casing and a gold chain. I love how it changes different colours when it catches the light and it looks quite different and adds a beautiful, slightly dressy touch to a lot of outfits. 

I love wearing both of these necklaces with plain tops, or with an outfit at night to dress it up a bit!

What do you think? Do you have a favourite statement necklace?



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