I’m Sophie And I Am A Batiste Convert

So you might remember, from the two dry shampoo post’s i’ve done (Battle of the Dry Shampoo & Superdrug Dry Shampoo) that i pushed Batiste to the side and ignored it as a bleh dry shampoo. Well. I had a revelation over Christmas and in fact am now on my through my, wait for it, THIRD can of Batiste dry shampoo. I originally picked up a can of the fruity and cheeky cherry version when it was on offer in Superdrug over Christmas for around £1.99, and at first i remembered why i didn’t like it, as it left a bit of a weird feeling to my hair and left it a bit white. But then after some getting used to it (spraying it from a bit further away, duh), i’ve found i love this dry shampoo.

Whilst my VO5 and Tresemme dry shampoo’s still beat Batiste in the rankings, my new batiste dry shampoo love is hot on their heels, and the reason why i have been purhchasing it more than the first two loves is mainly down to price! the Tresemme and VO5 dry shampoo’s are typically £4-5, and i can get through a can of dry shampoo quite quickly. 

Batiste also come in a range of sizes, from teeny mini 50mls for £1.49 to £2.99 200ml and £4.99 400ml cans. There are also hair-colour appropriate dry shampoos, such as a 200ml brunette version for £3.99. Batiste in boots is currently 3for2!

What is your favourite dry shampoo, do you love/hate batiste?



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