50 Random Facts About Me Tag

I haven’t been tagged by anyone in particular, but i think this tag is good in getting to know the bloggers behind the blog, and i have a few new followers so here goes!

1) I hate milk- so much so that i put a minimal amount on cereal (unless its coco pops) and then like try and drain it off every spoonful.

2) I’m allergic to weird foods, including poultry, fish, eggs, nuts, kiwi, coconut, all raw veg and most raw fruit and i have an epi-pen.

3) I have two younger sisters, who are 17 and 14.

4) I love Hello Kitty too much.

5) I want to be a travel journalist and travel the world.

6) I snore really badly and sleep-talk (attractive i know).

7) I’m always paranoid i have something in my teeth or my flies are undone.

8) I can’t eat in front of other people, a first date eating opposite someone is my worst nightmare.

9) My surname in German means ‘valley of the flowers’, so me and my sister’s have flower middle names, Rose Daisy and Poppy.

10) I really want to get a tattoo with a rose, poppy and daisy with their stems twining together, because of them being my sister’s middle names.

11) I have 8 piercings, 6 in my lobe, my cartilage on my right ear and belly – i want loads more!

12) I secretly wish i was fashionable. But fashionable clothes (peplums + disco pants) Look plain awful on my body!

13) I hate bananas and peas. (Not together, well both is gross)

14) I want to go to Norway to see the Northern Lights SO bad.

15) I’m scared of dying alone

16) I’m the biggest romance sap known to mankind.

17) Pigs are my favourite animal and i used to collect anything pig when i was younger.

18) When i was younger i was determined to marry a farmer, and have a gazillion PET pigs.

19) I’m a neat freak and write lists for everything.

20) Post it notes are my best friend.


21) Any time of day, any place i can just fall asleep or have a nap if i feel like it. – Handy for passing time in car journeys etc.

22) The weirdest place i have fallen asleep was in an English exam.

23) I hate tea and coffee.

24) I lovelovelove reading and when i was in year 6 i had the reading age of a 16+ year old.

25) In year 7 i won the year 7&8 spelling cup.

26) I passed my driving test first time when i was 17.

27) I hate sleeping with the door completely shut, although i have to at uni.

28) I love Burlesque and i’m going to a show at London Burlesque Fest in May.

29) I love boys with tattoos and piercings and dark hair.

30) I tried being a vegetarian once for 9 months because pigs were my favourite animal.


31) I have a terrible immune system and always seem to have a cold.

32) I had braces for nearly 3 years.

33) Im 5 foot 4 and would prefer to be a bit shorter.

34) I have way way more celebrity girl crushes than celebrity male crushes.

36) I’m so tempted to set up an anonymous blog, with all  my silly stories etc.

37) The first film i saw in cinema was Tarzan with my dad, my sister has been too naughty to come aha.

38) I went to an all-girls school for 5 years, and those were the best 5 years of my life!39) When i was little i had the most buggy eyes ever. My mum called me bug-eyes. cute

40) I have the worlds worst posture and my mum calls me turtle.

41) I support Reading FC and have done since forever.

42) I enjoy alcoholic beverages of all sorts including beer, but never Sambuca, vom.

43) Whenever i see 11:11 i make a wish, and make everyone around me wish too.

44) I love raspberry flavoured things ;sweets, yoghurt’s, cookies etc!

45)  I seem to have no luck with electronicy things; cameras, ipods, etc all die/get lost after a year.

46) I love a good cocktail.

47) I really want a house pig or a house rabbit.

48) I love Emma Stone, Mila Kunis and Zooey Deschanel so so much.

49) I have asthma.

50) I’m at university studying Geography and i love it!

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So there are 50 facts about me, i tag all of you and let me know if you do this, or have done already!



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