What i’ve been up to!

The last week or so has been a fairly eventful week. I sat 3 exams, finished exams on Wednesday, looked around some houses, put a deposit down for next year and got some exciting news from Rimmel as well as heading home for a lovely week. 

I normally hate to get excited about thing’s until they happen, as i’m, scared they will fall apart and i’ll end up looking  stupid. But i have to share this with you girls (and possibly guys?). The other night i was having an e-mail sort out, and decided to check my junk folder and i found, amongst the usual emails from princesses in Africa wanting to give me $100 million, an e-mail from a pr. The e-mail said that they had read my review i did on their new Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara, and liked it, and wanted to include a quote from my review as part of their online campaign , this quote would include my blog and credit myself! I’m still very excited and the online campaign launches in February, so i will keep you all updated. The quote is only 3 words long, but who cares, yay!

Weheartit.com Brighton Houses!

The next exciting event that happened recently was me and my friends putting a deposit down for a house for next year! We went house-hunting on Wednesday and saw 4 properties. We’re a group of 8 people, so finding 8-bed houses to view was a challenge in itself! We fell in love with the third house and decided that was the one! For two of the viewings we looked around with another group of 8 people, and they were pretty interested too, so we had to act fast to secure our house! We paid the deposit there and then that day, and i can’t wait till the house is finished in April (it’s currently being completely re-done up) ! It’s going to be amazing, an old  ‘Brighton house’ (as i call them, although it isn’t pastel coloured), with lovely rooms and ceilings and they’re going to add a loft conversion! I’m so excited, if you couldn’t tell! Oh and all the rooms are double bedrooms, perfect! (my father never let me have a double bed at home as he once told me, ‘it encourages boys’- you’d never know i was nearly 20).

Thirdly, i also hit 550+ followers, thanks so much, my 500 giveaway is running a bit late, but i promise there will be one asap! I think i might run it as a Valentines Giveaway, as everyone needs loving on Valentines!

This is becoming a slightly looong update post, but, prepare yourself for this piece of news. I have one eyebrow. Yes. You read that right. I.Currently.Have.One.Eyebrow. I essentially have myself to blame, as i went to a house party, drank too much and then fell asleep (there is more to the story but my parents are my number one fans on here). I then woke up in the morning, went to the loo, looked in the mirror and thought ‘hm, something about my face looks different today. OMG I HAVE ONE EYEBROW’. I’m not talking just a smidge shaved off, i’m talking the WHOLE eyebrow is gone, apart from a tuft at where the start of my brow would be. I currently look like the queen of drag queensville due to having to literally draw an eyebrow on, but i’m hiding at homehome this week so it can recover for the start of Semester 2 on Monday! (as shown in the most beautiful photo to ever grace the internet, below, it is growing back!) 

No Make-up, hair scraped back and one eyebrow. Lookin good.

Wow that turned it an essay. Apologies!

Have any of you done anything exciting lately/hit any milestones? Also, any reccomendations for rapid eyebrow growth?



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