Bloggy New Years Resolutions 2013

It’s quite scary to say 2013, i don’t know why, but i remember the millennium and when 2000 was an exciting year, to say it is 13 years on from that is scary. Later on in 2013 i will be turning 20, the dreaded end of teenage years and the half way mark to 40! Whilst i have personal new years resolutions, i also have some bloggy new years resolutions, and goals on how i’d like my blog to go within the next year as well as some beauty-related ones too!

We heart it

Blog Goals 

1) Attend bloggy events and meet ups.

2) Reach 1000 followers by the end of 2013.

3) Start some blog series, eg Holy Grail and stick to it for a year. 

4) Feature my Face on the blog more through Outfit and Face of the day posts.

5) Either blog every other day or 3 times a week.

Beauty related

1) Master the art of applying fake eyelashes

2) Grow my hair to boob length whilst keeping it thick and healthy!

3) Stop biting my nails properly!

4) Find a perfect foundation for me

5) Make sure i only wash my hair every other day and use minimal heat!

Have you made any blog/beauty/personal new years resolutions?

Happy New year everyone, hope you all had a blast on New years Eve!



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