University Adventure : Going home for Christmas #6

I last posted a post about my university adventure in October (post here), and within the almost two months that have passed a few things have changed! I went to Greece and discovered some amazing people who i now love spending time with, and i will miss lots when i go home for Christmas! I also decided to end things with my boyfriend for a variety of reasons, one factor being distance. (Go you if you can hack it, but i couldn’t). I am still also really enjoying my course and assignments have so far gone swimmingly, apart from 2 presentations. Oh presentations how i hate thee.

However, it has now come to that point where Semester 1 is nearly over and i’m off home to the wonderful world of Bracknell in a matter of days. I have never been more excited to go home, have a bath, see my family and have a cuddle with my dog in front of the fire whilst eating and drinking far too much. I am also excited to abuse the washing machine and dishwasher and of course have a bath everyday for at least a minimum of 2 hours or until i become so wrinkly i just have to get out. I love being a student in halls.

So what have i learnt from my first term at university? I have learnt that i am the worst person with money. Meal planning ahead saves time/money and waste (ew mouldy philadelphia i am looking at you). I have also learnt i really do love my parents and sisters, even though i say i hate them about 75% of the time, and dare i say it, i miss my sisters screaming and shouting at 8 am. Actually i might take that back within about 1 minute of being home, but right now i do miss it. Tesco Value, Sainsburies Basics and Asda smart price are my new best friends. Penultimately  i have learnt that me, 9 am lectures and vodka,  will never be friends, ever. And lastly being single at uni is really quite the best choice i have made. 

If you’re at uni etc, i hope you all have a jolly Christmas at home, and abuse the bath and dishwasher.

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