Three Gorgeous Dresses for the Christmas Season!

First up i must apologise for my lack of blog posts lately, i had a test on Thursday and i have coursework due on Monday, as well as a presentation due Thursday and another piece of coursework due the following Friday! All my uni work has piled up into the last two weeks, not fab but i’ve just been trying to do the best i can!

During my procrastination, I’ve been looking for a perfect Christmas/New Years Eve dress, and i was browsing various sites and found 3 gorgeous dresses that i have saved in my favourites and i keep going back to look at!

1) Navy Sequin Sleeveless Dress – Glamorousuk – £40 – I love the cut of this dress, i think it is really flattering and you can’t go wrong with sequins!

2) Mesh Insert Gold Studded Party Dress in Black – Glamorousuk – £41.99 – I love this dress, a little revealing but nothing to crazy and i love the gold studded detailing!

3) Sequin Dress in Dark Green – H & M – £24.99- I first saw the white version of this, but i think the dark green version is very Christmassy and i love the net skirt and the almost mermaid-coloured sequins, gorgeous!

Have any of you found any gorgeous Christmas/NYE dresses?

Also, how do you put photos like this together, I’ve just been using paint but i am sure there are better/nicer ways of doing this!

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