My First Mac Lipstick in Creme Cup

So as you may have noticed (or not), i haven’t blogged for just over a week now! Christmas caught up with me and my excitement to go home meant i spent my time doing lots of bits and bobs to distract myself. I got home on Sunday afternoon to my lovely bedroom and home bed and my mum had bought me my favourite shampoo and my new favourite herbal essences mask as well as some Percy pig biscuits and a bottle of mulled wine, perfect!

Yes you read that title right, today’s post is all about my first ever MAC Lipstick in Creme Cup! For me £14 is a LOT for a lipstick so i haven’t really had the funds to buy one, being a poor student and all. Yesterday on a shopping trip my lovely mummy treated me and offered to buy me one, what a cutie! I chose the colour Creme Cup which is a Cremesheen finish. I’ve heard lots and read lots about this lipstick and it has been near the top of my lengthy mac lipstick wishlist for a long time. 

The Cremesheen finish is light, moisturising and creamy whilst being pigmented and buildable. The colour is a gorgeous light blue toned pink, one of my favourite shades to wear as it looks lovely for an everyday lip or in the evenings with a bold eye look. On certain skin tones i can imagine the colour being slightly nude too.

 I LOVE the scent, it smells of vanilla, one of my favourite scents! It also lasts long on the lips before i have to reapply and my lips don’t feel dry afterwards. And of course i love the sleek bullet and the packaging!

So am i happy with my first MAC lipstick? Yes i am, and now i can see how easily it is to part with your pennies over these lipsticks, i also can’t wait to try out the other finishes and formulas too!

I give this lipstick 5 Sophierosehearts!

Have any of you tried this shade, what is your favourite MAC Lipstick?

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