My First Empties Post

I love reading other peoples empties posts, but for me all i get through is shampoo/conditioner and make-up wipes, nothing terribly exciting. However recently i actually finished a couple of things (still nothing crazy) so that is a start!

 Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in 100 Ivory. I loved this foundation, however i found as we got into autumn/winter it was too dark and slightly heavy on my skin, as well as me being well and truly over the ‘dewy finish’. Luckily i finished this as winter approached. I did enjoy this though and for £8.99 i thought this was a decent drugstore foundation!

Would i repurchase: At the moment, no.

Blistex Medplus I picked this up a year or two ago after hearing Essiebutton talk about this, and ever since i have always repurchased this and i get a little sad when it comes to the end. I love the tingle and feel of this and it always rescues my lips, especially in this cold weather at the moment. For 7g it is a decent tub and it retails for £2.59 in Boots (can be found in Superdrug etc too). Currently lipcare is 3for2 in Boots as well!
Would i repurchase: Forever, yes.

Palmers Dark Chocolate and Peppermint Lip Butter and Moisturing Lip Balm. For £1.75 and £1.89 respectively these are pretty good lip products. I loved the glossy feeling and look with the lip butter as well as the taste/smell, however it wasn’t like a typical ‘lip butter’. Still great! The lip balm was just a standard moisturising lip balm, nothing to write home about. 

Would i repurchase : Maybe if on offer, i love Blistex a little too much though!

V05 Nourish Me Truly Shampoo and Conditioner. Normally these retail for around the £3.59 – £3.79 mark, each, so i only pick these up when on offer in Superdrug. They are currently better than half price for only £1.79 a bottle at the moment so i made sure to pick up the ‘Cherish My Colour’ versions. I love these shampoos/conditioners as they make my hair lovely and glossy and smooth as well as helping to keep oily hair at bay!
Would i repurchase : I repurchased the ‘Cherish my Colour’ shampoo and conditioner as they are currently on offer for £1.79 each in Superdrug!

I love using make-up wipes on lazy nights, or to touch up eye make-up mistakes. The Johnson’s Face Care Daily Essential Wipes for all skin types are my favourite, they don’t sting even the most sensitive of eyes and remove stubborn make-up effortlessly. These retail for £3.29 for a pack of 25 and are on offer in Boots for 3 for £5 on selected wipes, which is a FAB deal!
Would i Repurchase: Yes and again, i always will, these are my Holy Grail wipes!

I hope you all enjoyed this post, and from now on i am going to try and keep a track on my empty products! what have you finished up recently?

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