Revlon at Poundland

So this week i was on a mission for bargains and Halloween goodies, and whilst browsing in Poundland i noticed these gorgeous Revlon nail polishes! For £1 each, you can’t go wrong. I picked up a Matt Suede, a Nail Enamel and a Top Speedy Fast Dry Nail Enamel. 

L-R: Royal, Fire Fox and Craving Coral (I don’t know why the last bottle is so wonky, oops!)

The first one that caught my eye was 605 ‘Royal’, a Top Speed Fast Dry Enamel, a gorgeous Royal blue with slight indigo undertones (hard to capture in the photo). This dried really matte and was a very unusual finish, i do like it though and with a top coat would look gorgeous!

Next i picked up 507 ‘Fire Fox’, a Matte Suede, which is a lovely reddy hot pink with gorgeous shimmer. This does indeed dry matte as the name suggests, but with a clear topcoat it looks even more gorgeous as the shimmer is picked up. I am  not sure i am a fan of matte nail polishes  i like them glossy and extra shiny!

Lastly i picked up 902 ‘Craving Coral’, a Revlon Nail Enamel, which online retails for around £3.50 (I can’t find it on Boots/Superdrug, so i believe this must be old stock or has been renamed). I love this shade and it would look gorgeous paired with a tan and lovely on toes. This was perfectly opaque after 2 coats and lovely and glossy. This shade is a very neon coral, which was hard to pick up in the photos.

Overall i really love these nail polishes and such a bargain as Revlon typically retail for £6.49 for a nail polish! All 3 only needed 2 coats for complete opaqueness and dried around an average time, i don’t find that the top speed fast dry enamel dries any faster than the other two!

What is your favourite Revlon nail polish? Have you found any poundland bargains lately?