e.lf All Over Cover Stick: Guest Post

Hi everyone!
The gorgeous Sophie has let me do a little guest post on her lovely blog today.
My name is Alessandra from http://www.cakescupcakescosmetics.blogspot.co.uk and today I’ll be reviewing the e.l.f. All
Over Cover Stick in Apricot Beige!

(www.eyeslipsface.co.uk) says: ‘Achieve smooth and
flawless skin easily! The e.l.f. All Over Cover Stick is infused with active
natural ingredients and skin polymers to soothe and protect the skin to
camouflage those problematic facial areas. Getting a clear fresh face has never
been so easy!’ I really like e.l.f. cosmetics because I find them very
affordable and most of the time they are high quality. They also don’t test on
animals! *cheers*

This product
costs £1.50, so I wasn’t expecting too much for that price. The packaging is
quite cheap-looking but it is very functional and does its job well. As soon as
I opened the packaging, a very strong sugary cough medicine smell was present.
I find it far too strong and overpowering, and I have to admit it put me off
trying it out a lot – who wants to smell like cough medicine all day?

I’m so happy that I didn’t give up on this product in the end – as soon
as I placed it on to my skin to swatch it, I felt the silky smooth texture.
Apricot Beige is a lovely nude, creamy shade that I think would suit most skin
types. There’s a range of seven colours to choose from, so I think it’d be easy
to find a perfect match!

As a teenager, I get a lot of break-outs which I find really hard to
cover up adequately, but this cover stick worked wonders! I really liked how
smoothly the product applied and I also really liked that it wasn’t super
sticky. I did notice that it was a bit drying for my skin so I’d suggest to use a moisturiser before and after applying this product to make sure you don’t get
flaky skin!

Before and after blending

All in all, I’d rate this product a 4 out of 5 – I really like it but it’s a bit drying and I really hate the stench! I didn’t notice the smell on my face, however, so maybe it’s just that I was smelling a lot of product? I have no idea!

Thanks again to the wonderful Sophie for letting me do a guest post!

Have you tried this? What do you think? 

Alessandra Xx

Thanks Alessandra for a great post, i really need to try more e.l.f products!