Back from Greece! Update time!

I’m sorry i didn’t manage to set up any scheduled posts for the last week, but for the last week i have been in Greece on a Geography field trip, which was so great! 

I went to Athens for the day and ofc saw the Parthenon and all of that, which was absolutely amazing, as well as going up into the mountains to Lake Stymphalia, and to some really lovely places to look at wave cute notches. I had a great week, and i really really bonded with so many people on my course, which is so fab. I think all uni courses should do some sort of few days away, even in the UK or something, it was SO worth it! Gotta love some unlimited drinks on BA flights though… ahah!

So now i am back and not any more tan (or burnt phew), i am also now single, i know it is a personal thing, i just thought i would share, although i won’t be going into any details, sorry! I’m getting through it, and things are looking up, i have already eaten all of my Christmas advent calendar as i atm craving chocolate 99% of the time!

Hope you’re all well and its nearly Christmas yay!!