An A-Z Of Sophie

Becca over on Becca’s Fashion on Life recently did the A-Z of me tag, and i thought it looked fun, so here goes!

Age?   19, 20 in June, eek last year of being a teenager!.

Bed Size?   Single at home and at uni (:

Chore You Hate?  Sweeping the floor/washing the floor.

Dream Room?    Pretty much my room back home, white walls with one purple feature wall!

Education?  I’m in my first year of a Geography degree at Brighton!

Favourite Colour?   Purple 

Great Acheivment?   My blog, i started it in July and i already have 425 followers, i love you all!

Height?  5 foot 4.

Instruments I Play?    Me, playing an instrument? Nope sorry!

Job Title?    Currently a cashier in a kiosk at the Brighton FC stadium, selling burgers, beers etc!

Kids?    Lord no, not yet.

Live?   Brighton for uni, Berkshire is my home home though!

Motivations?   To be happy and doing what i want in the future! (don’t really know what this means).

Nicknames?   Soph

Overnight Hospital Stays?    Nope.

Pet Peeves?   Noisy eaters, bossy boots, being late.

Quote: Oops, having a blank, can’t really think of any sorry!

Right or Left Handed? Rightie

Shops I Love? H&M, Zarra, New Look, Topshop, Primark

Time I Wake Up?   Depends what lectures i have, ideally 9-10am

Ultimate Food?   Pizza or Chinese!

Vacations?   Does this mean where i’ve been or where i want to go. So far i’ve been to Americax2, italy a few times, Greece a few times, France a few times, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar, Corsica, Sicily, Zante, Kefalonia, Germany. Theres deffo a few more but i have such a bad memory!!

What Makes You Run Late?   I hate being late. Nothing makes me run late,i’m always very early!

X-Rays I’ve Had?  Teeth? None really

Yummy Food I Make?   Victoria Sponge, Fairy Cakes and Maccaroni Cheese!

Zoo Animals?   My favourites? Giraffes, but my favourite animal is a Pig!!

I tag all of you, let me know if you do it!