University Adventure: Getting a Job! #7

I was texting my dad last night and he told me to update my blog about my job. So here is his request and something hopefully some of you might find interesting or find you can relate to!

Whilst at uni, students typically have little money. That’s why some decide to get a job, others don’t because of workload etc. My plan was to wait till Christmas, see how my workload was and then maybe apply for a small part-time job. Although it quickly became apparent that even an extra £10 a week from a job would help me, so i decided to look into getting a job.

Where i live in Brighton, my halls are very close, in fact a 5 minute walk away, from the Brighton and Hove football stadium, a whopping 30,000 seater stadium that looks like a space ship. So when i was looking at the website to see if there were any jobs available, i was quite happy to see they had kiosk and bar jobs going, perfect! I thought this could be the perfect job for me as i would only have to work home games, which tend to only be a few times a month. So i wouldn’t be working EVERY Saturday, and sometimes Tuesday nights. Perfect!

I applied, got an interview, which i thought went terribly, but i got the job! I then had to sit through a 4hour induction about food hygiene and all that, as well as a power-point about the important people behind Brighton FC/the stadium and the catering company i would be working for. The induction was okay, it was set out fancy and they gave us pies for dinner, the famous pies we would be selling (they came 2nd in the UK pie league). However, i got given a vegetable pie that turned out to be a chicken pie. I am allergic to chicken. So i was then hiccuping for 2 hours after taking an antihistamine (why do they make me hiccup?) whilst the lady talking to us thought i was dying. It’s lucky i only had a teeny nibble before noticing some chunks of white meat….I do not trust any pie now. Once this was over, that was that before i started work on Saturday! I thought at this induction they would be telling us what to do and what our work would involve, but no, there was no preparation!

So i arrived on Saturday at 12, midday, in my attractive black work trousers, plain black polo top and black shoes, to receive an equally attractive hairnet and black baseball hat, not quite sure what i would be doing! I got my time sheet and went off to find the kiosk i would be working in. I got there and put pies in boxes and helped to make some burgers, before the kiosk opened. I then pretty much just pulled a million pints for the next 4 hours. I then thought i was going home, but ended up in another kiosk and pulled about a million more pints for another 2 hours and that was it. My day was over, and after over 6 hours with no break, i was so excited to go home!! Although my pay is £6.50 and i worked 6 hours 10 minutes or something, so i basically get £39 something. Not bad for a Saturday when i would’ve just been lazing about all day doing nothing! We also get paid weekly, yay! I now also have some bar work. If you have a stadium near you, check out their jobs!

Tomorrow is Carnage and i am so excited, it should be a fun night!

Have any of you got part-time jobs at uni, how do you find it?