University Adventure: Freshers! #5

At my uni they had a freshers fortnight, called freshtival. I was very excited for this, although i didn’t go out EVERY night, i did go out and i had lots of fun and met some lovelyy people! Imagine my poor liver and body if i went out for 14 consecutive nights, as well as my bank balance! I wasn’t really a typical mental fresher, i guess as lots of people going to uni have only just turned 18 so go crazy, whereas i have had that phase and will happily just go out when i feel like it and not go too mental. Freshers is over now, boo, but i was excited to properly get into my course and work hard. I thought i would just do a little post about my freshers experience and freshers fair!

Freshers was good in Brighton, with lots of things organised, such as pub/club/bar crawls and foam parties and general club nights, as well as things societies organised too. 

During the first week of freshers, on the Wednesday, was the Freshers Fair, i didn’t really know what to expect, but i was excited. Oh my it was hectic though. Flyers were being thrown at us left right and centre, along with other goodies, and people trying to get you to sign up to various societies/club lists etc and freebies being thrown at you (i’m not complaining). It was nice to see the societies on offer, and various student support groups and extra things too.

At first we got through one room, and we were like, oh cool and about to leave, then found another room and another floor!! The second room was fab, I managed to nab a box of 3 original glazed Krispy Kremes and some dominoes pizza, yumyum breakfast. As well as paying £1 for the October edition of Elle (retailing at £3.90) which came with a free mini Benefit Bad Gal Mascara AND a 8.9g Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream! I also managed to nab about a million flyers, wristbands for clubs, and cards for cheaper entry/drinks/queue jump for clubs- quite handy really! Some of the clubs promotional ideas were really cute, especially Lola Lo, they gave out bags with flower garlands, watches and ray bans that said Lola Lo on the sides- cute! It was also pretty funny to see a little Kleenex stand, giving out hand sanitizer, sanitising wipes and tissues- handy for freshers flu! Aldi had a little stall too, giving out bags with noodles, crisps and beans, which is perfect for us students 🙂 I now have a gazillion sweets, flyers and wristbands, but lots of useful things too, and i am glad i went to see what was on offer in and around Brighton!

Freshers was really fun, and i am very lucky to have an amazing flat, with some lovely girls and guys, but the girls especially are just amazing, it is so great how well we all get on!

I’ve also now bought vegetables and am eating semi normal meals, but boy am i missing a Sunday roast, although i think we are all going to chip in and cook one very soon! My boyfriend also visited for the weekend a couple of weekends ago, which was lovely, as i miss him like crazy and it was nice to spend the day together on the pier, eating candy-floss and playing in the arcade!

The girls of Flat 9, block A, minus Hayley!
At Shakedown Festival, the last day of freshers, in the park across from us, we saw Katy B, Professor Green, Dizzee Rascal and some others!

The highs and the lows of my 2p arcade addiction.

Are any of you freshers, how are you finding it?