Teeny New Look Haul

I was browsing the New Look website the other night looking for some lovely winter boots and came across this gorgeous pair of Purple Galaxy Print Leggings down from £12.99 to £7 in the sale! Ever since seeing the Black Milk version i had fallen in love with galaxy print leggings, but i can’t justify spending $75 on a pair of leggings. The New Look pair are not a dupe, but for a trend that will soon disappear £7 is a great price.

I’m not really your typical legging wear-er my pet peeve is tiny t-shirts and leggings that show your knickers, but these are different, and i think paired with black boots and a black or white tee or jumper could look pretty nice and will make for a nice pop of colour this autumn and winter!

Next up on New Look i also ordered some Black Buckle Knee High Tab Boots for around £22.50 (£24.99 without student discount). I’ve never owned a pair of long boots, but as i am now 19, heading towards 20, i thought these were a nice slightly mature option for a pair of winter boots. Oh dear did i just say mature, i sound like i am heading towards being 50+! I think these look lovely with a winter dress, some thick black tights and a jacket/thick cardi/coat and are nice and snug! In the photos below they look grey/purple, but they are definitely a black, and are the perfect slouchy winter boots! Also sorry about the box of toiletries in the background of the photo haha and the pretty rubbish photos!

Have any of you bought anything nice in the sales lately, or anything nice from New Look?