Superdrug Dry Shampoo: Review

I recently bought a few items from Superdrug, post here, and i picked up 3 Superdrug own brand dry shampoo’s as they were on offer for buy one, get two free. An insane offer, as one can retails for £1.99!

The Superdrug Dry Shampoo’s have a large range, featuring 6 dry shampoo’s, ‘Spirit of the carnival‘, ‘Away with the Fairies‘, ‘Breeze‘, ‘Heart on your sleeve’, ‘Head in the clouds’ (which i can’t find online) and ‘Chocolate Brownie’, for all the brunettes out there. These cans contain 150ml of spray, there are also some 50ml cans available, handy for on the go sprays.

I saw a review of these on Corrie’s blog (DizzyBrunette) and i knew i had to try them out! I love my VO5 and Tresemme dry shampoo’s, so i was interested to see how these Superdrug dry shampoo’s compared against some slightly more expensive dry shampoo’s.

The scent’s of the two i bought, two of ‘Head in the Clouds’ and one of ‘Away with the Fairies’, are really lovely and refreshing and not at all overpowering. The spray itself does not come out whiteygrey, as i find Batiste does. I find these worked best on just washed hair that needed a little spritz in the middle of the day, but didn’t do much for my second day hair. I think that is partially due to my hair getting greasier quicker than normal here at uni, as the water is so hard. I think these would work amazing with the water back home though. My hair at the moment is in a bit of a temperamental state!These worked okay, however i did find they lacked that slight extra oomph that my other dry shampoo’s gave, but again i think that is down to the extremely hard water here at uni. I would repurchase these, but i think i would definitely try the one specifically for brunettes.

I believe the offer is still running, so if you love dry shampoo’s i really recommend trying these out!

Have any of you tried this dry shampoo, what is your favourite dry shampoo?