Revlon Colorstay Creme Gel Eyeliner Review

Recently i received the Revlon Colorstay Creme Gel Eyeliner as part of a prize from a twitter competition. I was very excited to try this gel eyeliner, as i love the Maybelline version and seeing as Revlon have been on such a roll this year with amazing products, i was very eager to try this new release. Retailing for £8.99, this is a fairly pricey high-street/drugstore gel eyeliner.

Sorry about the fluff attached to the product/my lens, oops!

 The gel eyeliner comes in a range of black, brown, plum and charcoal. I have the gel eyeliner in black. The gel liner claims to give ‘bold, smudge-proof colour that lasts up to 24hours, be waterproof‘, as well as claiming to ‘easily glide to create delicate to dramatic lines’.

I don’t want to appear ungrateful, as i won this in a competition, but this product is a complete let down and i wouldn’t want to lie to you all for the purpose of not appearing rude. But first i will outline why i am unhappy with this eyeliner.

First up, the brush. I was quite excited by the concept of taking out the brush, and clicking it back into the top to create a longer brush. However holding the brush is awkward, as you still have the base to hold, and it quite easily snaps out, very annoying. The brush itself is of a lovely quality, the gimmick of the handle however, has not paid off. I also found that because of the formula of the gel, it easily dried into the brush and was a pest to remove as the gel seems to be very waterproof! (Maybe that’s a positive, that its waterproof?)

Secondly, when trying to get the brush into the pot where the product is held, is a nightmare. The pot is teeny, with a very narrow neck to get the brush into it and it hard to judge whether you have put the brush far enough in to get product, so often you end up with too much and it just doesn’t work.

Thirdly, the gel itself. The gel is very chunky and very waxy, it was hard to apply, didn’t work with my upper lash line, and in the end after trying with a proper brush, i just wiped off all the eyeliner and went for my Maybelline Gel Liner instead. It also is not bold, and does not easily glide, there is nothing delicate about this, the effects were just a chunky, wishywashy effect, ergh.

Lastly there is only 2.3g of product, whereas the Maybelline one, i believe contains 2.8g, and retails for £7.99, whereas the Revlon retails for £8.99.

I like the glass tub at the bottom, as it quite durable and feels expensive, but i am sorry that is the only positive for me that i can find! Sorry about writing quite a negative review, but i wrote this blog for the purpose of being honest and giving honest reviews, so i hope you all understand that!For me, this product was a downright let-down, but i would be interested to know if any of you have tried this and what you though!

Have any of you tried this gel liner, what is your favourite gel liner?