MUA Professional Eye Primer: Review

I’ve never used an eye primer before, but since getting into eyeshadows, i’ve alwasy thought about getting an eye primer but never did. I used to just dab some extra concealer on my lids and that worked just fine. But with my late discovery to eyeshadows, led a curiousity towards eye primers and i didn’t want to spend an extorionate amount, so when i saw the MUA Professional  Eyes Primer, in Superdrug for only £2.50, i thought i might as well try it out!

‘A Professional eye primer to make your eyeshadow long lasting, smooth out the eyelids and prevent creasing. Apply primer to eyelids before makeup application to create a more vibrant eyeshadow colour for long-lasting wear without fading or creasing’.

The primer comes in a simple black tube with silver writing and it contains 7.5ml of product. It features a doe foot applicator, which is easy to use on the eyelids.

I didn’t really know what to expect from an eye primer, but the consistency was lighter and thinner than i was expecting, although this wasn’t a problem and it blended out onto my lid nice and easily. My eyelids can get fairly oily throughout the day, and eyeshadows lasted about 5 hours without a primer, depending on the individual shadow. Because of my oily lids, i am not sure if i perhaps need a slightly thicker eye primer, as i have heard Urban Decay Primer Potion is, so that primer is next on my list to try! 

Top-Bottom: Shadow with no primer, primer, shadow with primer
Top-Bottom: Shadow with no primer, primer, shadow with primer

With this primer i found shadows to appear brighter and lasted an extra 2-3 hours and kept my eye make-up in place all night on a night out (lasted 7-8 hours). I tested it out the other day and night when i went to the Carnage event in Brighton and i had no problems with my eyeshadow creasing or fading. I have included swatches (above) with shadow 4 (i think) from the MUA Undressed palette!

I give the MUA Professional Eyes Primer 4.5 Sophie Hearts!

What is your favourite eye primer, have you tried this one?

Sorry my blog might be a little empty on posts this weekend as i am going home to see my boyfriend and family for a couple of days. Should have a post up on Monday though! x