Liberty Art Fabrics for Hello Kitty ‘Hello Eyes’ Eye Shadow Compact

Recently in my little update post i said that my Auntie very kindly sent me a tin with lots of treats in and also included my birthday present that she meant to give to me over the summer, but we never met up! She very kindly got me the Liberty Art Fabrics for Hello Kitty ‘Hello Eyes’ Eye Shadow Compact. If you know me, i LOVE Hello Kitty, like you should see the back of my bedroom door at home. It is covered in pictures/posters of Hello Kitty. I’m 19, oh well!

On the back it says ‘Hello Kitty meets London’s iconic brand Liberty, to create one truly unique collaboration. hello kitty loves to stay glam on the go! Contains 8 complimentary eye shadows to create a look for every occasion’.

Being the newfound make-up addict that i am, i was very eager to get this out of the packaging and have a lock. The packaging i loved, the pale purple box with the circle cut out and gold writing was very lovely. I also loved the packaging of the compact as the case was my favourite shade of purple with an arty Hello Kitty design featured on the front. 

Inside i found cased, a very generous mirror with a gold hello kitty printed into it, and 8 lovely colours that i most definitely would wear. 

Natural Light
With flash

There was a gorgeous pearlycream colour, a perfect highlight, a taupe, a pinkeybeige, a copperybrown, an almost green/gold/brown, a bright  turqouise, a glittery charcoal and an absolutely stunning dark amethyst purple colour. Sorry about the colour descriptions, but the pictures should show what i mean.

All of them are extremely pigmented and so soft and creamy to touch, very similar to my Stila Palette and the MUA Undressed Palette. It also came with a little brush, not a sponge applicator, which has provided very handy for touch ups on the go!

Without flash

With flash

Overall i LOVE this little palette and it is so handy to carry about as it has perfect everyday shades and some whch can vamp up a look and turn it to night time! Thanks to my Auntie for this palette, so lovely!

Have any of you tried anything by Liberty Art Fabrics? What is your favourite little palette?