Guest Post: How to Achieve Healthy Nails


I’m Joanna from Mintyessence and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to post on Sophie’s blog because I have been a regular visitor to her lovely site for a while now. This post is beauty related and shows you how you can achieve a healthy glowing set of nails. Cheap, convenient and something you should try if you don’t already.

I always liked the look of shiny nails, so would try and gain this look by either using clear nail vanishes or nude ones. When they do chip, annoying, I would just re-apply and re-apply. However I was reminded that I maybe had all the things under my nose to achieve healthy glowing nails by a stall in a shopping centre when I went to Bournemouth this year. The lady at the stall did a demonstration of using a buffer for my nails and said I would be surprised by the effects. I was. I was told the Israeli Product called  Premier Beautifying Nail Set (which includes a Nail File, Professional Buffing Block, Mineral Rich Cuticle Oil and a Hand and body cream) retails in London for £80 which I honestly didn’t believe and still don’t believe as the price is quite high. She offered me at a better deal of £20, but I was adamant I could try this out myself.

What I did to achieve this look, was that I used 3 buffing boards from my nail gel set. #1 Cleans #2 Conditions and #3 Shines. These are easily found in pound shops or local supermarkets and are quite cheap.

1. Remove any nail polish on the nails.
2. Then cut and file your nails how you like it.
3. Use #1 to clean the nail bed.
4. Next use #2 to condition the nail
5. Lastly use #3 to shine the nail. The longer you do this, the more you will notice the shine.
6. Then use some nail oil for the cuticles. I used the Nuxe dry oil.



Because I do 50/50 placement in a clinical environment on my Uni course, we aren’t allowed to wear nail vanishes for hygiene reasons so this is a perfect solution to having shiny nails with no polish.

The benefits of doing this treatment is that the nail is smooth, it removes any roughness and cracks, giving a healthy glow to the nail. It also stimulates the blood circulation under the nail maintaining a healthy flow which is just amazing. The Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse dry oil that I use nourishes,repairs and softens skin so it is  great for the cuticles.

Do you think this will be something you might try or already do?

Thanks for reading!

Thanks Joanna for a lovely guest post, I’m always so lazy when it comes to my nails and they are in a pretty poor condition, great tips!