Famous Cosmetics by Sue Moxley, Review

Ever since seeing TheSundayGirl review the Angelina First Date Blush, i knew i had to have it. The packaging was gorgeous, the name cute, the quality amazing and the price tag perfect. However i couldn’t find it in store for the life of me, so i resorted to some good old online shopping! Luckily for me, when i found the blusher on the site, it was on offer for £2.99 instead of the RRP of £4.99. Sold. It was hard to tell which blush was which in the picture shown, but after some googling, i decided i also needed the colour Penelope in my life too. I was scrolling about the site, wanting a lot of the products, but i restrained myself and only made one other purchase, the browkit for £3.99 (RRP £5.99), another bargain. I got all of this plus the £2.95 postage for a lovely £12.92. I placed my order in the evening on Friday 21st September and it came on Wednesday 26th, so it took about 4 days (not including Sunday). My order came packaged in a well padded jiffy bag, well-wrapped in bubble wrap. As soon as i saw the parcel i couldn’t wait to get inside it!

Recently, the line has had a little makeover and I love the new packaging, really extra cute and girly. I love the sturdy hot pink case of the blushers and the leopard print pattern,  the generous 7.5g of product and the large mirror inside. I also love how you have to push in the black front bit to open the blusher, and then how it clicks shut. Oh the little things in life eh!

First up, the First Date Blushers, they come in a selection of 5 shades; Angelina, Charlize, Keira, Penelope and Scarlett. (Possibly named after the gorgeous actresses?). As i said before, i couldn’t tell what colour each blush was from the picture and the product description was very wishywashy and terribly vague; ‘Get that sexy demour first date blush‘. This aside, some googling helped out, and i chose the shades ‘Angelina’, a gorgeous pinkypeach colour that i think would suit most skin-tones as it isn’t too cool or warm.

Swatch of ‘Angelina’

I also chose ‘Penelope’ a lovely matte pink shade with a hint of brown, something i think is perfect for just adding a subtle flush of colour to the cheeks and really compliments the paler complexions whilst emphasising cheek bones. Both are perfect for the upcoming winter months!

Swatch of ‘Penelope’
‘Penelope’ and ‘Angelina’

The quality and formula of these blushers are incredible, like nothing else i have tried, and although i don’t own any high-end blushers, these go way above any other drugstore blusher i have tried! The pigmentation is amazing as it can be built up easily without looking horrific and cakey. They apply so easily and are not drying, as well as lasting a long time and clinging to dry patches on the face. These are a winner, i have to stock up asap!!

Now for the browkit! The product description on the wesbite was again vague, only saying ‘Complete Eyebrow Kit Create brows that are fuller, thicker and more defined’. My Sleek brow kit is nearly at the end of its life, so this was the perfect opportunity. The palette includes a wax, a highlighting shade, two brow shades, mini tweezers and a mini dual-ended brush. Whilst i don’t use these tweezers, these are handy for tweezer-emergencies!

I love the small, sturdy packaging and the lovely zebra print! Again, inside the packgaing is housed a decent sized mirror, perfect for on the go application. I find the darkest shade a perfect colour, and perhaps the lighter shade will be good for the summer months when my hair gets a bit lighter. I think they are two great colours for this palette. The highlight colour leans a little on the peachy side for me, but that may just be down to my fair complexion. I also cannot work out how to use the wax, so have been using my e.l.f clear brow and lash gel to set my brows. Overall, i have loved using this kit, and i found the powder stays for most of the day (7ish hours) and does what it says! 

Overall i am incredibly impressed with Famous Cosmetics and give them 5 Sophierosehearts! I can’t wait to get more blushers(maybe the 3 others!) and try out other products!

Have any of you tried anything by Famous Cosmetics?